Create a mountainous area county nnovation Demonstration Area

wants to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, first of all we must have a leading role, therefore, actively build in mountain area of North Guangdong Renhua county innovation demonstration area, more and more entrepreneurs play a leading role.

4 5, Renhua county formulated the "Renhua county to vigorously promote the implementation of the views of" public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, comprehensively stimulate public entrepreneurial innovation enthusiasm, accelerate the development of economic and social development of the new power, and strive to use 5 years to build new business incubator platform 5, innovation project 100, more than 1000 of new business people, efforts will build into the mountains of northern Guangdong Renhua county innovation demonstration area.

the county will focus on reducing the cost of business barriers and actively explore the premises according to a multi site "and" according to a multi site registration, allowing entrepreneurs according to the family home, rent houses, commercial buildings and other temporary business premises as.

the specification Sheqi administrative fees and create directory, type and license management, administrative fees for start-ups to waive registration, to less than 25 Small and micro businesses are exempt from dues to the union, the start-ups are not higher than the price administrative department according to the approved standard 50% professional service fees charged.

the vitality of the body to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation, establish a customer service center of Danxia Renhua county, assigned to entrepreneurs for free or half fare concessions. The development of college graduates to entrepreneurship support policies, and strive to attract more than 20 college students to start every year.

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