Chongqing 2020 to form a system of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and Univers

is the real talent in line with the needs of national construction. Colleges and universities, as the base of training the talents needed by the society, pay more attention to the guidance and cultivation of the students’ self – employment. Chongqing to speed up the pace of reform of entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, and strive to form a basic system of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities in 2020.

in September this year, the municipal government issued "on deepening the reform of higher education notice", on how to promote quality education and improve the innovative talents training mechanism and measures are put forward the objectives and requirements. "We must deepen the reform of the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, explore the teaching mode, curriculum design, platform construction, etc., in order to provide a strong intellectual support for our city." City Board of Education Higher Education Department official said.

"in the course of construction, the future of the city of all colleges and universities must set up enterprise education curriculum innovation. Including general education and professional courses in two parts, students must complete the 2 innovative entrepreneurship education credits, not capped." The person in charge, of which there are 5 general education courses, including the "innovative thinking", "research methods", "entrepreneurial guidance", "employment guidance", "academic frontier" and so on.

according to various universities in our city will layout 10 municipal innovative teaching resources research center is also in 2016, the organization of university talents and enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship education focus on written materials, and the platform to launch a number of innovative business online open courses of resource sharing, credit innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum implementation the city’s colleges and universities.

in addition to innovation teaching design, improve our city will also introduce relevant personnel, in the system construction. "The selection of 1000 technical experts and entrepreneurs as innovative university teachers in the city; every institution, there must be a 1-2 hackerspaces or a passenger, to create a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship practice for students. In the aspect of investment, will be in the total plate dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship education to promote the guarantee cuts." The responsible person said, is expected to 2017, the city will form a number of copy of the innovation and entrepreneurship education system reform achievements, extensive innovation and entrepreneurship education; by 2020, university entrepreneurship education system innovation of our basic form recommended

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