How can you not choose to eat Mao Mao Mao food

what kind of food and beverage professionals called catering, that is, from the urine of food has talent, the beginning of the business is the choice of food and beverage industry. Intentions to do their own brand, so how can not popular food, how can not succeed.

Xi’an and Mao Xiang Restaurant Management Limited’s hair down at a restaurant from Sichuan Town, is the founder of a Chengdu native, who began to do catering, 90 years from the beginning of his shop, currently has more than 20 years of experience in catering, March 2010 came to Shaanxi city in Xi’an Province, the development of the first shop. A store opened in the city of Xi’an electronic mall Yanta District electronic commercial pedestrian street, unique taste floated into everyone’s heart, just three days time business on fire, have the customer sincere request to join Mao recording common development shop to take food every day, think to want to go, conservative years from this open concept, just three years, with the rapid development of more than and 100 franchise chain brand: (Xi’an city is currently 50) real store to prove everything, hope that friends from all walks of life to store the on-the-spot investigation, taste, taste. For everything!, headquarters and look forward to your common development!

Mao Ji take advantage of vegetables

1, brand image professional management

when you choose to join the "hair down mouth incense to take food franchise system, you can use the prestigious" remember Mao mouth Xiang "brand trademark right; you can get the store location, chef attendant training and market operation and brand promotion of professional support. At the same time by the headquarters of the elite management team with rich management experience and operational capacity of the market to create, through the successful practice to prove "remember Mao mouth incense" franchise operation standards and franchise system, reducing the risk of investment enables you to quickly obtain investment returns.

2, good color and taste aftertaste

remember "Mao mouth incense to take food, take food is authentic Bashu traditional and modern diet combined with the characteristics of Flavor Diet! Is a perfect combination of traditional health and diet, the secret hair spices, critical materials and remember to take food taste authentic created unique hair down mouth incense to take food brand. Remember the characteristics of wool mouth incense to take food is not spicy, hemp thorn throat do not get angry, mild, healthy, bright, fragrant flavor, Tang Shaihong long". The dishes with a unique taste, even for the style for the mass


3, the adjustable rich collocation

Mao mouth mouth mouth, take the food, for entrepreneurs to build a chain business model. We not only have the meat nutrition collocation package, from single to double package package to a variety of ordering mode packages, self-service and let you choose to take food, many kinds of operating.

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