How to get a good brand clothing franchise stores

a lot of people want to brand clothing stores, but how to purchase is not very understanding, so that the goods are not only expensive, the quality is not very ideal. How to open a brand clothing store? The following ideas for friends reference:

1, brand clothing stores selling goods replenishment frequency increase. "Be sure to make a few hot goods". The idea I have stressed many times, there is no longer much.

2, look for the business end of a single. Relatively large wholesalers will generally have a certain inventory backlog, and sometimes even the backlog of brand-name goods. Although the style is not new (jeans, belts and some accessories are not afraid of style is not new), but the quality is often guaranteed, but also more reasonable price. And the end of a single supply is relatively small, the overall competitiveness is still very good.

3, joint stock. Similar to the concept of "buy". Mr. Ma has created a Taobao seller entrepreneurial QQ group, the blog is also named as the Taobao Venture Alliance, is a small seller to make up the dream together. Through unity, let our strength become larger, and ultimately to find a better and cheaper sources of supply.

4, expand your information. In my opinion, if a person has been engaged in the network business, can skilled use of the network search engine, it is really a tragedy. Today’s society, to grasp the information is equal to grasp the resources, equal to grasp the productive forces. Before you and the supplier to talk about the price, it is recommended to find and read more than 5 posts, should not blindly attack.

5, try to find the source of purchase. This is easy to say it’s hard to do, but we must work towards this direction, there must be a plan, every two or three months, always in a brand or a style breakthrough. (Wulong spent 10 months, is the basic guarantee of most commodities primary sources). If you seem to be very difficult to give up, it feels a bit unfortunate (can not find the ultimate source, bypassing a layer of intermediate wholesalers, ah, a little less exploitation of the link!). And source purchase in addition to lower prices, there are other benefits, quality assurance, more stable supply.

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