After 80 small husband and wife to open a shop in the annual revenue considerable

now people through the Internet business has become very common, at the same time, life has many network Master is through the Internet business to be successful, then Xiaobian to introduce such a young couple is through the Internet to get rich.

in February, Jiang Bo and Wang Yuling’s wedding in the East home, ready to start again, discuss the Alibaba to do wholesale leather. Soon, they registered a clothing business in Alibaba, and handled the business license. Over the years, they took the savings of 10 thousand yuan to drive to the strange Yiwu, spent 5000 yuan to rent a room, buy a computer, printer, shelves and daily necessities, the body There is not much left.

the beginning, take some samples from the manufacturers of leather Jumbo pictures, hanging in the Alibaba to do wholesale. Blink of an eye in the past, almost no business, two people even life is difficult to maintain. At this time, Jiang Bo and Wang Yuling thought, "this will not do, we have to think of a way to do a try, not next year on the switch." In desperation, Wang Yuling borrowed 20 thousand yuan to bestie, Jiang Bo borrowed 40 thousand yuan from relatives and friends.

soon, two people registered a leather shop in sales, wallets and belts, etc.. Because there are wholesale goods, he took a lot of pictures of the product, it is better to hang on to do retail Taobao. At that time did not expect Taobao will do well, it is also an unexpected discovery." Wang Yuling said.


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