How much does it cost to open a curtain shop

entrepreneurship is the need to fund as a support, and only have enough venture capital, will be able to store up. Therefore, for every entrepreneur, the number of venture capital has become a key factor. So, how much does it cost to open a curtain shop? Let Xiaobian to analyze this problem for you.

investors are consulting on investment how much, because the market is different, different modes, of course the most important is the personal investment ability is different, naturally no exact numerical. It is like opening a window shop, shop in the first tier cities to invest far more expensive than the two or three line. And this article for everyone to say, the industry needs to open the curtain shop how much money, I hope to help you understand the industry.

husband and wife shop, small workshops and other small curtain shop

cannot be found in the corner near the wholesale market or residential, there are couple shops, small workshops and other small curtain shop, sewing machine, overlock machine, assorted small accessories and a craft will be able to open a small shop, and spread to rent would probably only need about ten thousand words to shop. But this store only small processing and low-end customers, profit is relatively low.

hanging medium-sized curtain shop

relative to the size of the former medium curtain shop to be higher, the store is probably less than 80 square meters, and the store has a hanging sample for customers to choose. Such a store in the end of the positioning of the user, the need to take some of the tens of thousands of finished products will be able to shop, the main business scope of commercial housing or small projects. Due to the early investment is not large, back to the time is fast, is not enough funds to choose this model.

curtain shop

believe that many investors have to join the understanding of the major building materials market also has a trace of the brand shop curtains. The curtain of brand shop mainly for high-end users, at the same time, due to the brand effect and has a head office support, but also many investors choose to shop. However, in open conditions generally have more than 100 square meters, the investment also have hundreds of thousands more.

soft fitting curtain shop

curtain industry from the development of a single curtain products to bed products, cloth curtain, in recent years, the gradual development of a one-stop home furnishing equipment design, combined with the master’s living habits, the indoor furnishings and layout of two degrees. Compared with other models, this store needs to show the overall package to consumers, the need for funds is relatively high.

so, to open a shop in the end how much money is associated with many factors, this is not a simple answer

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