Popular American TV is black the 51 travel

pulled into the CCTV drama "black list", so many Indoorsman Indoorswoman 51 "doing nothing". Thus, tourism has become everyone’s choice. During the May Day holiday in 2013, we saw the Chinese consumer’s crazy about tourism. Whether it is self driving tour or tour with the group, the province tour or outbound travel, compared with the same period in 2012, an increase of 30%.

are suitable for short distance

in Chinese, holiday tourism has repeatedly been refreshed. By comparison, we can see that in the past ten years, the number of tourists more than one year. This highlights the flexibility of China’s consumer growth and consumer confidence index.

if the consumer is to get the inner satisfaction. So, there is no doubt that the price of tourism consumption is absolutely the highest. Why do you say that? You see, in the car, the real rigid demand for hundreds of millions of one hundred thousand, tourism consumption low hundreds of yuan, higher 1000 yuan, even travel abroad, only the next million. Consumers with 1 months of wage income in exchange for happiness, if used in other ways to achieve, I am afraid that need to spend more than 5 times.

according to the latest national authorities forecast: 2013 ticket agent market is 252 memory, the annual growth rate of 15%; the hotel agent market is 30 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of 12%; aviation insurance market 1 billion 300 million yuan, the annual growth of 15%; the train ticket agent market is 10 billion 500 million yuan.

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