The price of gold plummeted Xiamen people rushing to buy

gold in our daily lives, not only as an important clothing, but also an important investment and financial products, is deeply concerned about. During the National Day golden week, the international price of gold from the highest $1319 / ounce fell to $1241 / ounce, the cumulative decline of up to 6%, the biggest weekly decline in more than three years. The price to plunge, with the fire of gold sales, part of a temporary increase in brand shop sales staff, in order to deal with the "gold rush".

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gold price down a lot of people to complete Homeopathy

"are full almost every day during the national day, usually need only 3 shopping days every day, it takes seven or eight people to work." Yesterday, recalled during the national day of hot scenes, a gold shop shopping guide joked, "it seems like no need of money to buy gold."

reason for this scene, is the price of gold plummeted during the national day, Xiamen to take advantage of lower price of gold jewelry shop. The reporter visited the Zhongminbaihui shopping malls, and Darunfa near SM City Plaza "Chinese gold" and found that although each Saturday blessing jewelry, gold jewelry store is not the same, but compared with before the national day, per gram price cut 7 yuan -23 yuan.

SM in the city square, Zhongminbaihui, brand jewelry stores, such as the old phoenix (600612, shares), Zhou Shengsheng, Zhou Dafu, such as the price of gold Fook, basically the same, the price is 347 yuan / gram. Zhou Liufu Darunfa store gold price from 312 yuan / grams before the national day to 302 yuan / gram.

store clerk said, the store of gold price of 347 yuan / g, because businesses do activities, each can offer 20 yuan, equivalent to only 327 yuan / g, with a smooth solid bracelet, 20 grams of weight to nearly 400 yuan cheaper. "Now buy, certainly more cost-effective than before the national day." She said.

another shop shopping guide smiled and said, during the national day there are a lot of people to buy wedding packages with gold, often a gold to buy down to 50 thousand yuan -8 million yuan, but for "someone mad to buy 1 pounds of gold", said she had not heard.

some people did not catch up with someone said to wait and see

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in mid September, Ms. Zhang just to do the wedding, when shopping yesterday she saw a shop to do activities, asking that the gold price has dropped to 347 yuan / kg, or even lower. Think of yourself with gold wedding in August, the gold price is still 370 yuan / gram, she did not catch up with the price of gold fell straight sigh.

"I also started to pay attention from the Spring Festival this year, has found a way to rise, because the wedding is set to recommend

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