Dumpling shop owner rich doorway to share


dumplings in the daily life, although not a staple food products, but people often eat, especially now that some good taste of dumplings in the market is very popular, while open dumpling shop also very profitable market.

A is excellent technology, ensure the dumplings "authentic"

their chef is from the north, because the local people are not good at it. The whole process of the operation of the chef, from raw material purchase, a variety of fillings preparation, knead soft, boiling heat, pot time, have a set of special requirements. Some tips are often with many years of experience, "only to be sensed, not explained". The skin is too thin and easy to cook, paste soup; too thick so that diners can not taste the taste of dumplings.

in addition, prepared to do lean collocation stuffing, proper salt. The surface should be fine, stuffing to fine, soup to keep juice, so as to make dumplings refreshing smooth taste. And now the frozen dumplings in the supermarket sell because it is produced by the machine, compared with manual dumplings, on the palate a lot worse.

The two is

variety, suitable for different customer requirements.

to the consumer psychological well, in the business view, It differs from man to man., make new ideas, which is rare in the peer.

Some snack dumplings like

In fact, for the

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