How to join the East Valley Hand Pulled Noodle

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, the operation of the market economy requires the fast rhythm of life support, a lot of demand for living in such a background in the corresponding changes, such as changes in the catering industry. Undoubtedly fast food and beverage industry to meet the needs of mass consumption. The traditional restaurant forms are not well adapt to the market, the market needs a new category, prominent features of Dong Gu Zi in Hand-Pulled Noodle meals to meet the current "fast food culture festival, popular and convenient" at the same time, carefully blended products taste, pay attention to nutrition ingredients between mating, shortcut and nutrition delicious, concentrated together, the traditional fast food culture leads to new trend.

Dong Gu Zi Hand-Pulled Noodle how to join?

, Hand-Pulled Noodle adhere to the business side of the East Valley, while innovation is the "East Valley" Hand-Pulled Noodle "the foundation of enterprise, entrepreneurial road. In the process of operation, in strict accordance with the "people-oriented, harmonious work" corporate culture, improve staff quality, strengthen the service concept, to be the face of the market, in good faith to consumers, to face their own seeking refinement, the standardized and scientific management as the starting point and end point, has been gradually formed in practice "East Valley, Hand-Pulled Noodle" characteristics of the internal management system, establish a standardized and strict standardized and institutionalized work order, effectively promote the steady and healthy development of enterprises. Dong Gu Zi Hand-Pulled Noodle can join? Xiaobian answer is yes, here we say the next procedure.

Dong Gu Zi Hand-Pulled Noodle joining process is as follows:

1, the applicant to submit a written application to the company, fill in the "application for registration form", and submit the relevant documents.

2. review of the company to apply for qualification examination, and according to the needs of field visits, inspection and application units after the cooperation on the specific terms of the negotiations to reach an agreement.

The operation quality and operation effect of market operation ability, my company

3. certification of the applicant in the region after the assessment, confirm the applicant meets the requirements set agency, signed a cooperation agreement with the applicant, fulfill the agreement.

4. authorized the company to meet the conditions and within the specified date to pay the relevant costs of the agency, for its issuance of a unified "agency authority", and on the Internet bulletin. Application unit officially became an agency.

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for the East Valley, Hand-Pulled Noodle joined the introduction of the process and I hope to help you, if you have to join what not clear place, please leave a comment below consultation on our website.

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