What are the needs of cigarette retail customers

customers in the store to buy the product, you need to be more than just a commodity, but also more time to be the owner of the service, a variety of after-sale protection, of course, there is a guarantee of commodity prices. In short, customer shopping is not a simple commodity demand. In fact, this does not only reflect our customers, for cigarette retail customers, the long-term cooperation of the tobacco companies is also a lot of demand. So, what are the needs of cigarette retail customers?

retail customers and tobacco companies long-term cooperation in the operation of cigarettes, customer demand, on the surface, is the demand for cigarette products, but in fact the content of the demand is not limited to this. As an important part of the cigarette marketing network, the cigarette retail customers have the general demand as a retail channel, and also have the special needs of the cigarette as a special commodity operator. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs analysis, the demand of cigarette retail customers is also varied, there are material and spiritual. Specifically, cigarette retail customer demand can be roughly divided into five levels: security needs, profit needs, service needs, respect for demand and growth needs.

security requirements. Cigarette retail customer management, related to security is mainly four aspects: one is the cigarette commodity custody; two is to prevent theft and switch three is a cigarette; security funds; four is operating safety.

profit demand. Including the demand for goods (i.e., the retail customer’s order demand) and the profit demand. Supply demand is the foundation and guarantee of profit demand, to retail customers hope required supply assurance; supply of openness, fairness and justice, order, settlement, delivery, service in place to visit; reasonable occupation of funds. Profit demand is the essential requirement of retail customers to make cigarettes, in order to make money, to obtain business profits.

service requirements. Retail customers want to know more information, participate in the activities of tobacco companies to obtain management support services, the tobacco companies shall timely provide all kinds of information, creating conditions for the activities of retail customers to participate in tobacco companies.

emotional needs. The main body of the cigarette retail customers is the human, therefore, in addition to rational demand, there are corresponding emotional needs. Such as being respected, recognized, valued, understood, and so on. Whether emotional needs are met often affects customer satisfaction to a large extent.

growth needs. When the retail customers’ cigarette sales are relatively stable and the management level is high, the demand for the supply of retail customers is more prominent. At the same time, these retail customers will always pay attention to the sales of other retail customers, reflect on their own shortcomings, in order to improve the operational capacity of their stores. This type of retail customers may ask for an increase in the number of applications to adjust the category or some non – cigarette business needs, which are growth needs.

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