Where is the Shanghai garbage

Shanghai as an international metropolis in China, economic prosperity, is an international financial center, occupies an important position in the world. In such a developed city, the population is more intensive, the garbage is not to be underestimated! So how does Shanghai deal with local waste? Where is the Shanghai garbage?

Shanghai City Greening Bureau 17 evening through the official WeChat disclosed the investigation, two ships involved in the case of non Shanghai ship, were not in the Shanghai city management department handled the formalities. The Department said the unloading Haimen jiangxinsha farm mentioned in the report is not filed in Shanghai, the source of the construction waste is still in the verification.

Shanghai City Landscaping Bureau, said the implementation of the source of Shanghai construction waste declaration, unloading point filing, the whole process of supervision, a clear ban on illegal transport of waste, disposal. If the investigation confirmed that the stolen construction waste from Shanghai, Shanghai, the relevant departments will investigate and deal with units and individuals in accordance with the law.

16, a network media reported the "Suzhou outstanding case of a large number of Shanghai garbage garbage suspected reproduction of Jiangsu Nantong". Shanghai City Greening Bureau attaches great importance to, immediately instructed the relevant departments to take the initiative to contact with Nantong, and set up an investigation group tracking processing. 17 morning, Shanghai city waste management office director led to the Jiangsu city of Nantong Province Haimen, in conjunction with the Nantong Municipal Urban Management Bureau, Haimen jiangxinsha Farm Management Bureau, responsible for the investigation on the scene.

according to the preliminary investigation of the scene, the report appeared in the renovation of garbage is garbage, demolition of the main building waste garbage. Jiangxinsha farm according to the person in charge of the land since the beginning of this year, after the garbage to steal back the situation. The night of July 13th received reports from the masses have to steal back the situation after the filing of Haimen City Urban Management Department investigation, and in conjunction with the Public Security Department of the involved two ships were withheld. At present, the public security departments have been involved in the investigation of haimen.

Shanghai City Greening Bureau said, will pay close attention to the establishment of Nantong and Haimen liaison group, and in conjunction with the Shanghai maritime, urban management and other departments to carry out self-examination, Paimo situation.

ecological greening, adhere to sustainable development strategy, is not a city thing. Shanghai garbage disposal, is to focus on the overall strategy of the individual, regardless of the environment for other areas caused a certain degree of damage. Nantong is now suspected of Shanghai garbage, the official said the source of garbage is still under verification, for specific results, we wait and see!

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