A clever trap deals recharge recharge 6 yuan cheated four thousand victims

online recharge six yuan was actually turned away from the four thousand

someone in the shop message, said to provide a variety of preferential recharge card, Mr. Zhang was prompted by the operation was caught in a scam. Network experts suggest, can be directly to the local public security bureau network or Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center to report.

core tip

public Zhang opened a shop in a website, two days before he found a message in his shop, that can provide a variety of preferential recharge cards, in accordance with each other to provide the network address, he found that this is an online recharge website, mobile phone recharge cards, there are many online games recharge Q coins the game card is very favorable, prompted by the other party he registered an account, in the process to account recharge, he is ready to try to charge 6 yuan, the bank account number and password to steal each other, is transferred to the other party 4000 yuan.

recharge site offers a variety of preferential recharge

in October 13th, Mr. Zhang came to the newspaper to reporters about his story, he said, he did not think of really liar is so cunning, the bank account number and password theft in their attempt in the case, and the electronic password did not reveal to each other, even by the other to turn away 4000 yuan.

Zhang said that he opened a shop on a website specializing in the sale of a variety of electronic products, in October 11th, he found someone on his shop message, but also provides a web site address. Provide web site in accordance with each other, Mr. Zhang was called a "Black & Decker card" online no online recharge website can online recharge card including Q coins recharge cards, mobile Mobile Recharge Card and a variety of network game cards.

such a rich range of prepaid cards, basically all of the young Mr. Zhang is interested in the content, and membership price cheaper than the market price of 1/3. To enjoy these benefits, you have to register as a member of the site, in accordance with the tips, Mr. Zhang soon registered an account.

"I thought, even if it is a liar, I registered an account should not cheat," Zhang said, but he did not know, after he registered account, waiting for him is a trap.

try to recharge 6 yuan do not want to lose money of $4000

registered as a member of the site, Mr. Zhang did not know, cheap prepaid card that cannot be bought, but the first to recharge in their registered account, and then use the money to buy goods on account.

in accordance with the tips, Mr. Zhang first log Black & Decker number card website, log on to select account recharge, and then choose to pay online, in order to be safe, Mr. Zhang chose to recharge 6 yuan. The website provides online banking payment, Mr. Zhang chose a bank online payment, according to the "online banking login pop-up window", he entered the account number and password, can lose three times that error, can not enter the bank website.

at this time, Mr. Zhang feel strange

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