The first tourist information for the theme of the electronic map website opened

                  in September 21st the first national tourism information as the theme of the tourism map of professional search engine – 166Map China tourism electronic map in Tianjin officially launched operation. The website in Internet, based on the electronic map as a platform to promote scenic spots, tourist service "for the purpose, to provide timely, accurate, comprehensive and systematic national tourist attractions, hotels, hotels, museums, travel information search and presentation, it will undoubtedly become a new boost tourism and full range the development of an e-commerce network platform.


                with the visitors to the online inquiry, online booking of the demand increase, the existing site provides a single map, tourist routes or attractions information can not meet the needs of tourists. 166Map Chinese tourism electronic map website to tourism information "wiped out", to provide a full range of tourist information search service for domestic and foreign tourists. Website national key tourist attractions, Hostel Haus am Turm, hotel, travel agency, museum, car route, travel information, travel, tour pal nine forum recommended search plate. Collect all kinds of information have been marked more than 10 bar, visitors can mark on the map of the tourist information, tourist attractions to easily understand the address and telephone number, ticket price, opening time, bus transfer lines, car route, attractions and hotel graphic introduction and some detailed information. At present, Chinese tourists can be effective, comprehensive understanding of the travel information website is very few, in the electronic map of tourism information website 166map is the first. At the same time, 166Map Chinese tourism electronic map using B2B2c mode of operation, the site and the tourism enterprises, tourists closely together, for the scenic and destination from planning, consulting and marketing promotion to customers enter the one-stop service mechanism, the virtual network search combined with the reality of the journey. So that the "enterprise – tourists" gradually transformed into "enterprise – Enterprise – tourists" marketing model for the tourism sector and the community to create an interactive platform for more convenient services to tourists and tourism. 166Map China’s tourism electronic map of the network has fundamentally changed the scenic spots, travel agencies, hotels and other tourism industry’s original marketing model, to bring more opportunities and challenges to the tourism industry.

                according to reports, the site is from the Tianjin China Travel Information Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Hongkong Shijing international wealth joint research professional tourism products production. In more than three months of trial operation, the site with its fresh style, rich content by the parties concerned.

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