There are 3 domestic anti corruption website imitation ndia bribe June 12 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Yang Xiaofei) recently, the media published the "India website" I bribe (ipaidabribe) "red flag" article, introduced the India anti-corruption website "I bribe" successful experience. As of today, there have been three clones to imitate the site, respectively, I bribe, I bribe you and I bribed". The three websites, immediately attracted many users in the above post, exposing himself to bribery insider, also cause a lot of these posts comments, increasingly popular.

version Chinese founder "Xiaoxiaosheng said," creating this website is mainly influenced by the India corruption case website, its founder Lamas and Swati said: "we believe that the strength of the people can curb the spread of corruption." Touch it very much, so the idea of creating a similar site. "India’s anti-corruption website less than a year’s time has brought together more than 10 thousand cases of corruption, help India government punished 20 officials, Chinese Network Anti-corruption actually long-standing, such as energy-saving pull Guangxi Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Han Feng bribery case and so on, but most of them scattered in various sites or forums, specifically to do this kind of not many domestic websites, then try to do." "Xiaoxiaosheng" said.

"line on the site, I just made a person through micro-blog promotion, but got a surprise blitz, only second days of nearly 50 thousand people visit, which lead to the existing system pressure is too large, the number of users to access the block on the outside."

for the current public opinion a major problem of this kind of website will face is how to avoid libel, spreading false information, "Xiaoxiaosheng" admitted no good method. He said that in order not to infringe on personal privacy, I bribe the site explicitly requires users to post a specific name does not appear, but this will lead to the problem can not be solved. In this regard, "Xiaoxiaosheng" said, "from the web site, we do not have the power and ability to check these things, but if the relevant government departments to provide docking channel, so we can provide such docking sites for users, users will reflect the problems to the relevant government departments."

at present, there are many users worry about "I bribe" and other similar sites will not be banned, "Xiaoxiaosheng said," I think the government will support us, anti-corruption is also the need of the people and the party, state and society construction in order to better, Minister of transport India can become a fan of India’s anti-corruption website then, we China people’s struggle against corruption why cannot grow in the sunshine. "

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