Guy in the other sites in the link to make money did not expect to go to jail

young people proficient in computer technology, can find a lot of opportunities for themselves, in Ling’an there is a young man, was in the wrong place, but let the police call.

money, 29 years old, graduated from technical secondary school. Police investigators impression of him is very smart, but also very study, know a lot of computer knowledge.

after graduation, he worked in a computer shop in Hangzhou, the main computer system to do the repair, maintenance work.

this time, he contacted the "hacker", and found the opportunity some website boss is willing to spend money in some technical exchange QQ group, is hidden in other small implantation sites on the Links, improve the Baidu ranking.

from January 2009 to the beginning of October 2012, Qian has secretly implanted in thousands of small sites hidden links, a total of more than ten thousand yuan of illegal profits.

two days ago, the police found the door, money immediately silly eye, he did not expect this would violate the law.

it is understood, according to China’s "criminal law" on the site Links hidden implantation to others, the computer information system to control the behavior, even without damage the normal operation of these sites, there may be a crime. If the circumstances are serious, three years imprisonment or criminal detention, or impose a fine; if the circumstances are especially serious, more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of seven years and shall also be fined.

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