DJ kind of website how many slim successful how many

webmaster, is to lead their own users to create value in the Internet, not altogether went blind impulse, which refers to a celebrity on where to play. Owners are entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to think independently.

according to the statistics of China’s DJ website, more than China’s music website. Baifei had Baidu, search DJ to find relevant web pages about 55300000. Search for "music" to find about 100000000 pages. (because here is the Chinese website, do not mention GOOGLE, baifei is not an opinion on GOOGLE)

here baifei need to explain, "music" this keyword is only so much more than "DJ", because the word "music" than "DJ" hot. Natural search engine. But this does not mean that the music station more than DJ station.

we can look inside the purity. Most of the keywords DJ search out of the DJ site. While the "music" keyword searches out the majority of music related, music related to the proportion of the music station, music station points.

baifei here to ask the music network webmaster. There is no music station DJ dance column, the same as the DJ dance music station has a column.

(this is believed to have a music station DJ dance column, and DJ dance station rarely popular music column)

this problem we will slowly understand, here do not do too much discussion.

I get:

baifei think, a good site must have enough good content, and the content of the creative ability, the editor is always less than the user,

, after all, the number of users is much more than the editor (effective creativity is not discussed).

(this example DJKK, day IP about 200 thousand). Example of forum.

by the user to create content, edit selection guide, with content to attract new users, with the essence to retain new users, with the exchange of new users for content

creator, is the best site model, but also the ideal state of Web2.0, the model itself does not exist any errors.

but the key question is whether Web2.0 is always the way to success, or how many sites can play Web2.0.

the most important thing is to attract new users and users to stimulate the contents of the content into the user.

do not expect users to be able to help you create the content, all people are willing to work as the spectators do not Creator – unless he loves, recognition of your website, and let the spectators recognize your website is to your site has enough, good enough, can satisfy the demand on the basis of the spectators. Then, through.

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