The world’s largest SkyDrive website was thrown off the network war America

U.S. government close the file sharing site Megaupload (Alexa ranked 72 in the world, the site is located in Hongkong), and founder of Kim Dotcom (Germany, Finland dual nationality) and three other senior in New Zealand international arrest, in violation of anti piracy law charges, the other two defendants at large. Megaupload has 150 million registered users and has been supported by many celebrities.

famous file sharing space Megaupload was forced to shut the station, or will lead to the Internet war. Megaupload is a majority of Internet users for having heard it many times to share the space, since its establishment in 2005, was the world’s thirteenth most popular website. Today, because of a large number of violations of copyright content and the FBI closed.

U.S. federal prosecutors said that Megaupload’s copyright infringement has caused copyright holders up to $500 million in damages and was indicted. The two congressional bill calls for an end to Megaupload’s copyright infringement on movies and television programs, which are also open today.

Megaupload is closed, it is equivalent to QQ transfer station was shut down by the Chinese government, Ma Huateng was indicted. At the time of the recent anti SOPA protests (anti Stop Online Piracy Act anti piracy laws), these actions are not conducive to the event will be more intense atmosphere.


hacker organization Anonymous to fight back: launch the history of the most massive attack action

recently launched a wave of protests against the Internet SOPA, SOPA has not passed, Megaupload has put up the shutters. A few hours ago, the world famous file sharing site because of its staff was FBI and "conspiring to prosecute piracy blackmail and impose exactions on was closed.". Hacker organization Anonymous is obviously not happy. As a result, it has targeted a number of large companies and government agencies, ready to pour their anger.


Anonymous is a Twitter main account first eruption:


government shut down #Megaupload 15 minutes after #Anonymous will close government and record company website. We say

the organization also specifically responsible for the paralysis of universal music, RIAA (the recording industry lobby), MPAA (the film industry’s lobbying agency) and the U.S. Department of justice website, etc.. As of January 20th Beijing time at 7 a.m. (Pacific time on the afternoon of January 19th at about 3), this

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