The extension and expansion three years to Baidu ant payment service valuation is how to do

Abstract: in the ant gold suit investment, if the related financial business investment in order to attack, in order to expand the business territory, then some other seemingly unrelated business and financial investment, such as word of mouth network, hungry, Taobao drops travel, movies, Parkson China, is to invest scenes. In order to consolidate the market share of Alipay, this type of investment is defense.



financial services group in the last six months, intensive investment in 10 companies, from the drops of travel to cover the field of Chinese Parkson, catering, transportation, O2O film, private equity fund data, biometric technology etc.. In fact, since the establishment of the ant service, its investment and financing activities are very active.

according to the financial reporter statistics, as of September 26, 2016, a total of 1 yuan ant clothing foreign investment, of which there are still waiting for the approval of the regulatory authorities of the 30. Due to the limited disclosure of information, according to incomplete statistics, the total investment amount of 22 billion 370 million yuan ($3 billion 390 million) or more. These 30 investments not only cover the banking, stocks, securities, insurance, funds, consumer finance and other financial projects, but also involved in food, media, film and television and other non-financial projects.

currently, the Ant King is the highest valuation of China’s unlisted companies, which is known as the next BAT giant. July 2015, ant gold service completed 12 billion yuan A round of financing, valuation of $45 billion. And only eight months later, the ant gold service for $4 billion 500 million B round of financing, its valuation rose by $60 billion, up to $1/3.

ant Gold Service Vice President, investment and financing business group leader Han Xinyi has in the B round of financing for the "Wall Street journal" said the ant gold service has to introduce strategic partners from Chinese financial sector, to help its expansion to the rural area China, and provide funds for the acquisition plan.

September 2016, CLSA in Hongkong communications and Internet industry research director Liang Xiangyi (Elinor Leung) said the ant gold suit could reach $75 billion valuation, this number has surpassed the Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs Group, the market value of about $70 billion. This also means that if the ant gold service successfully listed, its market value is expected to exceed Baidu, China’s Internet industry has become the third largest company, is China’s largest Internet financial group. (October 7, 2016, Baidu market capitalization of $62 billion 300 million)

in the beam to the valuation model in most of the value of Yi, ant gold clothing from Alipay, Alipay’s valuation of about $50 billion, accounting for 67% of the overall valuation. In addition, the valuation of the loan business of the loan of about 8 billion U.S. dollars, the wealth management business valuation of about $7 billion, the remaining $5 billion valuation comes from investment and cash.

Most of the valuation

ant gold dress by Alipay, but Alipay’s market.

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