P2P platform for prosperity and hazard coexist recalling the collapse of the company’s time

since August 2007 pat the first domestic P2P platform was formally established, P2P network lending platform in just a few years, such as the outbreak of growth. According to incomplete statistics, the number of existing P2P platform in the country has more than 2000, in 2013 the total domestic trade volume reached 105 billion 800 million yuan, more than in 2012 nearly doubled. However, the west side of the East sunrise rain, P2P platform blowout increases while also ushered in a wave of closures. While the P2P platform still influx, while the collapse phenomenon occurred one after another, prosperity and hazard of coexistence of P2P are staged a drama you Changba me play.

net loan home has released data, in 2013 a total of 75 foot or collapse of the P2P platform, the beginning of the year there are 10 in a month.

September 2011 Baer venture using POS machine cash fraud, was arrested

October 2011 Angel plan to carry money 6 million foot

November 2011 awesome goods missing

mysterious collapse

February 2012 ant lending network suddenly shut down, user funds are trying to recover the

June 2012 gold loan for 5 days. More than 100 million fraud, run

October 2012 public loan States announced the site closed, and announced that all customer funds have been processed to complete the

December 2012 Aetna outstanding stops, investors of millions of Yuan quilt

December 2012, excellent and easy network normal transactions, founder and staff missing, more than 60 investors of nearly 20 million yuan of funds can not be recovered

April 2013 public credit online line less than in January closed down, claiming not to do foot, but only a part of investors get about 80% of the principal to recover

2013 4 city Township loan business to hang out announcement, said the "urban and rural loan website now closed. Prior to the only one investor’s principal and interest has been raised now,

September 2013, Tianli investment appear payment crisis. Notice that, due to the borrower Liu Shuqing, Deng Chun cash flow difficulties appear overdue, resulting in the emergence of the site users can not be a normal phenomenon

October 2013 Huibao credit to cash difficulties, issued an apology announcement that the platform will bear all the principal investors, will be divided into 5-6 months to pay off

November 2013 silver investment announcement that the company due to lack of experience in the industry led to poor management, decided to stop operating from November 5th, into the debt settlement program

side is the flame, while the sea, P2P companies are staged a dream of Red Mansions >

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