Ma stake in Sina micro blog counter or trying to take advantage of the shopping site

has raised nearly $10 billion this year, Alibaba group, the role of PE increasingly obvious. Unfamiliar Street, Sina, micro-blog and other investment action, you can also see the social product has become the core direction of its future investment integration.

recently, the news from the insiders Ali, Alibaba group’s investment in Sina’s micro-blog negotiations have come to an end, the valuation of sina’s $3 billion, but Alibaba will not hold. Media sources Cheng Lingfeng also said that, according to its understanding, Ali stake in Sina shares of about 15%~20% in micro-blog.

at present, Ali and Sina officials have not made a statement, but a Sina middle on the first financial daily said, Ali and micro-blog sina is indeed a matter of investment has repeatedly negotiate.

analysis of a senior media person said, on the one hand due to Sina micro-blog separate listing in the future strategic investment needs to inject external; on the other hand, after the Tencent investment beauty, Sina micro-blog has become Ali external flow is one of the few pieces of the layout.

Ma Yun’s SNS complex

3 years ago from the "Taobao", 1 years ago the "Taobao SNS" and in June last year, Taobao split after the Big Ali, Ma can bring up to the role of ecological Ali SNS, as a priority among priorities.

3 years ago, Ali mother, word of mouth network into Taobao, Alibaba is big Taobao strategy began. The intention is to build a unified platform for Taobao portal, and access to third party applications. Thus, in 2009, is regarded as the big Taobao user platform SNS products Amoy lake on the line.

but the time proved, Amoy lake has become the first attempt in the socialization of Alibaba failed. This out of commodities trading relations and build the user platform, let users find products everywhere in the face of the SNS it is not very useful, after several revisions, Ali has no mention.

at present, a number of community elements with electricity supplier shopping guide, Taobao has become an important role in external traffic. Beautiful said, these two electricity supplier shopping guide, its independent user traffic has rapidly climbed nearly 10% of Taobao. Sina micro-blog has become the fourth largest source of external traffic Taobao.

with the development of the electricity supplier, more and more buyers and sellers into Taobao, but was more independent B2C shunt, buyers can not keep up with the economic phenomenon of sellers growth, making Taobao’s traffic more expensive. In addition, more traditional businesses have settled down, but also raised the cost of advertising Taobao.

this makes the original Taobao sellers in the economic environment down, to bear more operational costs. While Taobao’s original traffic distribution system, there is no more carriers to ensure the promotion of the long tail on the platform.

therefore, through community-based, personalized products to meet the flow of Taobao long tail goods import >

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