Outlet on the closure of the literary website why is it difficult

lead: why the network literature is difficult to "quit"? This is because the flow artifact! Yesterday to close 20 literary website rectification, the basic is the production mode of copyright. Users pay habits are not formed today, difficult to survive, quit color difficult.


another year of "anti pornography", a group of literary websites were closed for rectification, "quit color".

April 13th, according to CCTV "news network" report, the national pornography working group office decided in mid April to November, in the fight against online pornographic information pornography · net net 2014 special action. It is reported that more than 20 of the network literature website can not visit.

Some of the statistical

yesterday said the following day in existing literature website shut down to rectify: original, Sohu romantic novel, Hongxiutianxiang network, Chinese Viewtiful network, Jinjiang Danmei station, sweet potato net, 3G net, Yuelu bookstore, read novels nets, one thousand and one nights, Cheng Wen Fei, Chinese net, Cuiwei, huanjianshumeng how cool, literature reading, phoenix net, net Chinese leap.


entrepreneur edit view above literature website, their contents are mostly used by the author for copyright production mode, create works in the literary website, when attracted to a certain number of readers, "shelves" read the charges, and readers to pay fees in accordance with the proportion of small parts for most platforms, to the author.

if a web site users to see 1000 words of VIP works, pay $2 to the site every day there are 1 billion words to be read to calculate, then only pay to read a daily income of more than $20 thousand. This allows the network to see the income of the monthly income of tens of thousands or even more likely, you can let the literary website tasted the sweetness.

so that in order to flow and income, literary sites and network writers are willing to cater to the tastes of readers in the content, resulting in most of the network literature is full of violence, color, etc..

and this copyright production model allows the network literature has been a large-scale development. Market research firm Analysys think tank data show that in 2013, Chinese network literature market revenue reached 4 billion 630 million yuan, a growth of 66.7% compared to 2012. It is expected that in 2015, the overall market size of the network literature will exceed 7 billion yuan; by the end of 2013, the network literature active users reached 430 million.

network literature in just ten years have such a scale, so many people see the entrepreneurial prospects. More and more literary websites, from last year, the giants will also look into the field of network literature.

2013, the original start of the Chinese network backbone team to create Tencent’s creation of the Chinese language network, Baidu launched cool literature network, the acquisition of panda reading and vertical and horizontal Chinese network, Tencent literature formally launched…… exhibition

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