2016 the life and death of local sites


survival or death, this is the shadow of the site has been shrouded in the shadow over the years.

said that the demise of the argument, with the tentacles of the BAT deeper and deeper, with the vertical site continues to erode, the local site will die!

said that this development is hard work, we do the dirty work so hard, we do deep rooted in local, do. Moreover, the Internet is so large, not by a few giants dominate the world


whether you believe it or not, 2016, perhaps the answer is about to be announced.

one, the struggle for survival space

2015, treasure net, long lane and other local website landing three new board. In 2016 there will be a number of local sites boarded three new board. However, we should not be confused by the new three board, if you can not set up, the current three new board does not have the possibility of direct liquidation. Three new board is only the stage goal, not a safe haven and exit mechanism of the door.

in this brief glory behind, on the one hand, we see the pace of localization of BAT, on the one hand, facing the constant erosion of vertical sites, on the other hand, is also facing a large local WeChat chase.

1, the deadliest blow in all competitions, still comes from the challenges of the vertical industry

over the past 8 years of experience tells us that the main income of local sites from the top 5 industries: real estate, home, wedding, cars, talent. In 2015, Ning Ning network survey data show that the whole industry:

site in 2015 the real estate industry is generally declining trend. The main influencing factors are: economic downturn, backward products, weak professional.

Home Furnishing industry, the service and revenue Jiezhuang companies continue to increase steadily; but in the field of building materials model changes, such as Taobao and the line of building materials building materials distribution chain ecological impact is huge, advertising revenues continue to decline.

wedding industry, the whole industry is facing challenges and developed mode, the wedding industry income of developed area of Waterloo suffered, a slight increase in underdeveloped areas.

automotive industry, 4S store revenue continued to decline, the automotive market in the ascendant.

talent industry revenue continues to grow, but the penetration of large talent website can not be ignored.

overall, if the local site facing dogged vertical sites in the main revenue, the industry needs in professional ability, product technology, operation mode to further enhance.

2, localization paradox: on the one hand we sing bad local site, on the one hand, the local WeChat is still booming

if you pay attention to the new media list, you will find a lot of local features of the WeChat is the rise of large. According to estimates, a strong local site, there are at least 10 places >

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