Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing one to one marketing is the general trend of electricity business

Dangdang to ensure that the book category in the industry in an absolute advantage, but also in the development of clothing category. In the days before the end of the 2013 iResearch annual summit of dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing on books, clothing category, in his opinion dangdang.com selling books with experience in the field of clothing.

"renew forecast" to solve the backlog of

yesterday, Li Guoqing disclosed the 2013 dangdang.com important category sales targets, including books, clothing has become a main point of this year, we will strive to exceed 4 billion 500 million yuan, reached the top three apparel online shopping. However, China’s garment industry backlog is too serious, as one of the main directions for the development of this year’s clothing Dangdang, Dangdang began to buy books how to resolve this problem?

seems to Li Guoqing, the book industry itself is a huge backlog of industry, and the book is not as good as clothing, it is characterized by once the backlog, the book is not worth the cost of materials. "Dangdang.com was not afraid of the backlog, because we have introduced a practical renewal prediction."

Dangdang began in the platform, in the face of millions of goods, how to solve the backlog problem, but also Li Guoqing has been thinking about the problem.

Li Guoqing believes that the prediction of the commercial revolution is a very important tool, the emergence of the Internet completely help manufacturers solve the forecast problem, "after all, the traditional circulation industry will never have the traffic traces, there may not be provided with traces of click rate traces may not have traces of praise."

is another main point of clothing category this year, carefully prepared for more than a year Li Guoqing is also full of confidence, "the clothing business most afraid to talk about the return, but when these manufacturers will give to the only product after the backlog of goods, the return rate of 35% can also accept, this is because the original vip.com sales soared."

"one to one" marketing revolution

"stand outside the station is a one-to-one marketing of e-commerce revolution." For Li Guoqing and Dangdang personalized recommendation effect is very significant. According to Li Guoqing revealed that now Dangdang personalized recommendations brought about by the proportion of sales increased from 11.5% to 15%, an increase of $30%.

"consumers from dangdang.com out, probably in the Sina Sohu, the family channel for a stroll, and at this point we can recommend related products or related products, prompt promotional price information, or your service has improved. These stations outside the station one to one marketing, e-commerce is a revolution."

Li Guoqing said, one to one marketing is a dream of traditional business, but because of all sorts of restrictions can only do marketing. Now, with the development of technology of "one to one" marketing can already in the present implementation, personalized email, consumers see the product push, is just a form of personalized recommendation, there are a lot of collaborative filtering, there are a large number of commercial considerations".

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