The registrar is unable to implement the new deal to stop CN registration

March 25th news, according to foreign media reports, the two U.S. domain name registrar said on Wednesday that they have stopped registering new domain names in China, CN domain name will continue to be provided by other resellers.

One of the domain name

company GoDaddy said, they stopped registering new domain names in the Chinese already, and another similar service company NetworkSolutionsLLC also said on Wednesday that it stop processing China website registered in December last year.

GoDaddy approved by the China Internet Information Center in 2005 to register domain names in china. The company currently has 27 thousand registered ".Cn" domain names. This figure is only a small part of China’s Web site. ".cn" domain name will continue to be provided by other resellers. GoDaddy said, so far, it contacted the ‘.Cn’ site 1200 customers, asking them to provide additional information and documents to the information available to the China Internet information center".

At present, the domestic application of the new

domain name, domain name registration requirements ".Cn" mechanism to collect new and existing users photos, business identity and sign the registration form, and to provide this information to China Internet Information Center, due to monkter from country to country, inconvenience factors, lead to the full implementation of the policy. At present, most developers have been registered in accordance with the requirements, modify the system through different ways, outside the real name authentication and domain name information authenticity screening on a registered owner of the domain name, domain name without registration for all stop parsing.

At present, the domestic

registrar has also gradually improve the reform process and system of the new CN domain name registration, such as the largest CN domain name registrar "Chinese, in the implementation of the new deal before, began to require user authentication and identity authentication in the mobile phone, after the implementation of the new deal, the new domain name registration table and submit channels before trial the enterprise template creation and audit work, as long as the user created at a time, after the sale or transfer of the domain name registration is not much different from before. The registrar has also made different activities, such as "Chinese in order to allow investors to sell the domain name to the terminal user, reduce the steps from the beginning of March 17th for the first time, identity authentication does not charge for newly registered ID paid by ename to the certification center. This greatly facilitates the enterprise terminal in the domain name before receiving the cumbersome procedures, so as to avoid the transaction failure.

said, in the beginning of the implementation of the domain name system seems very troublesome, but this measure can avoid some caused by the "domain name information is untrue, incomplete and incorrect" problems and disputes, and safeguard the security of the domain name, the domain name system in the long run, it is imperative.

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