Analysis on the promotion of industry website activities


discussion: "edseveral Cup" – business electric network forum moderators and excellent member selection activities promotion

activity page: BoardID=59& ID=21162& page=1

audience crowd: monthly income of less than 4000, the proportion of men and women basically flat, the elderly also accounted for a large proportion.

condition restrictions: because the site properties, so the prizes set limits. The site itself is relatively weak individual user base, is a relatively new industry station, limited resources available.


1. activity cycle problem: from the activity itself, the cycle is relatively long, 3 months, if the latter part of the publicity and promotion activities can not keep up with the words, but may reduce the user’s enthusiasm. Because there are a lot of activities are good early speculation, but because of the reasons for the late follow-up, often fail to achieve results.

analysis: the activity itself is only an introduction. In this activity, will be interspersed with small activities. But the premise is to have traffic and popularity guarantee. The industry exhibition will be continuous publicity, network promotion will be targeted promotion. This is a series of long-term activities. Through these activities, the real user will go to the site up, by this part of the real customer to affect dealers and manufacturers.


2. active audience problem: because I do not understand the electric bicycle industry, so I can not analyze his user population. However, I think there is a problem of electric bicycles. He is like the original bicycle, it is necessary to travel with. So for non electric vehicle users, it is difficult to determine whether he is a potential user?

analysis: the site itself has a dedicated electric vehicle industry magazine, the business of electric vehicles, the object of electric vehicle manufacturers and distributors. But this part of that very little access to the Internet; and is not a cold, so in the activity, the end users or ordinary people. In general, people buy a car to buy a car away, but would like to buy a car will not break, these people want to buy a car is the flow of the site. Do not have to stay in my station forever, as long as people want to buy a car on my station or remember that I can stand. Of course, there are people who have electric cars to my site as a place to communicate is one of our ultimate goal, but it takes the process.


3. prizes set up problem: prizes set by the site of the industry limited. Can only be limited to the electric car. This makes some people lose interest in participation.

analysis: we are the industry station, prizes must be targeted. If I change the prize to DV or DC, its value will not be more expensive than the luxury electric car to go there, may not be expensive electric cars. If you change a prize, popularity may be up, but eventually I

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