Discussion on the promotion skills of website promotion method

Q & a platform, as its name implies, is an interactive platform for questions and answers. Inquiry platform promotion is an important method of website promotion method, it can not only bring about the high quality of the external links to the site, and brand awareness, the most important thing is to give the website very directly bring a lot of traffic. Of course, the effect of all this, we must make good use of the platform to do a good job in the promotion of the premise of the. This is how we rely on the integration of network resources, to create more benefits for themselves. I’ve been busy with work and have no time to share with you. Today talk about how to make good use of the United States this high-quality interactive platform, are my personal experience and experience, what is wrong with the place, we hope the exhibitions.

first: we have to understand the question and answer platform to confirm the main question and answer platform to promote the maintenance. The domestic well-known Q & a platform Baidu know, SOSO ask, ask Sina, YAHOO knowledge hall, the question and answer, Sogou quiz, there are a lot of very good Q & a platform, according to their own industry, choose the most suitable for their own inquiry platform. Q & a platform so much, we all do not have, have to maintain, so, not what effect, we need to, to be precise, then how do we choose? The United States here to give you some suggestions, according to the correlation of their industry audit speed, strict audit is not strict, visibility, traffic. Popular selection.

second: register multiple accounts in turn. This step is very necessary. The registration of multiple vest, the switch turns to answer questions, avoid to use an account in the end, it’s easy to be administrator that you are advertising, easy to be blocked by K, the risk is relatively large. Not only can not get promotion effect, but the side effects, that is The loss outweighs the gain..

third: good attitude. As a good marketing staff, never think that they are advertising to promote. If that is the mentality, you will never do a good job promotion. When you enter the question and answer platform at the moment, you want to think, you are to help other users to solve the problem, not to advertise. You have to look at yourself as an ordinary user, but also to consult the problems, but also help other users, but the difference is, when you help users, only more carefully than others, in order to allow them to get more valuable information, in order to meet the needs of their maximum, you you have to tell them the website or you need to promote the products.

fourth: methods and techniques. When you understand the inquiry platform, also registered a lot of vest, also set the mentality, methods and skills at this time is the most important.

1 answer users questions, not too much into your web site, you can wear clean related web site, so it is not easy to think is to do advertising, it is easy to be through your answer. At this time the chain is also done, the flow has.

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