Using the website promotion space trick 51

today to share my experience with you website promotion, yesterday evening in the A5 made a "using QQ promotion to get more than 5000 IP experience sharing" article, is an appetizer, is the trick to share today website promotion method.

you know, 51 space, Sina blog space can see your own situation and visitors to visit, we usually see in their own space for people to visit our space, have the habit of return visit, especially to see each other is a beautiful picture of the visitors, the boy is 100 percent to return their go to the space, and their equal.

so, I took this loophole 51 space, developed a software, can let our 51 account for 1 seconds to access a 51 space, you count it, 24 hours a day is much better, how many people see me to visit them, if the return rate is at 30%, a my space should be how many people visit? If I put my own space as beautiful space, the return rate will reach more than 80%. You may want to ask, so what is the use of the promotion of the site


we can imagine, with tens of thousands of daily visits a space, how to promote your website I would not say it, my website flying movie network, is to use this method to promote my own space, dressed as a beautiful space in 51 space, I said that I took part in a network the contest, then issued a network voting link (in fact, this link is my movie website address), so that visitors are generally curious points to open the link. And the 51 space are young people, the movie website are interested in, so the first time I see the station, usually to visit, because my movie station movie resources, domain name easy to remember, "flying movie network" the first letter "", with the promotion of QQ, IP per day 5000, if you want to be free to test the effect of this software, you can contact me, my website is my QQ chat, I

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