The board of directors to muddy the allegations of 500 lottery selling shares to 36 million 200 tho

[Abstract]500 lottery responded that there is no kana selling argument, director of the sale of shares is a normal investment behavior.


Tencent Francisco November 7th, research institutions in the United States (Muddy Waters Research) on the muddy water before said, 500 lottery network director Qi Li (Li Qi) under the pseudonym to sell 1 million 300 thousand shares of American Depositary Shares Certificate (ADR), $36 million 200 thousand.


in the muddy water Twitter account said: "the Form 144 documents, 500 lottery director Li Qi pseudonym sold 1 million 300 thousand copies of ADR, the market doesn’t seem to be aware of this matter".

500 lottery network to Tencent technology, said MuddyWater mentioned Lionel Rim and John Richard are the names of the two companies, all belong to the company name of Li Qi, non name. There is no kana sales argument. Selling part of the shares of directors is also a normal investment behavior.

to 500 lottery closing price of U.S. Depositary Shares per share of $27.85 this morning, Li Qi sold $1 million 300 thousand ADS cash $36 million 200 thousand.

public information, Li Qi began in January 2010 served as director of the 500 lottery, from 2006 to 2010 served as chairman of the Beijing Fragrance Forever Investment and CEO. From 2004 to 2006, he served as chairman of Shenzhen Changan New Media Co., ltd..

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