2 digital domain name 53 cn transfer price change fine of one million yuan

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) March 31st – domain investor Wu Yu in the recently acquired 2 digital domain name 53.cn, it is said that the price of one million yuan. 2 digital.Cn domain recently has exposed millions of transactions.



: digital domain name


domain name 53.cn and "I think", "network", "wireless" and other words related to terminal homophonic, 53wan, is not subject to restrictions of the domain name in the site, earlier this month it is reported that the domain name 53.cn with 7 digit price change, less than one month, and then exposed the main news. The acquisition of 53.cn domain name investor Wu Yu also holds a lot of digital domain name.

2 digital.Cn domain only 100, a limited number of recent prices soared. 2 digital domain name to high-quality, rare known, there are still a large number of 2 digital.Cn domain name has not yet.

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