2014 domestic food and beverage O2O events rice Unification collapse called the rise of ducks


2014 is not simple year, continue to impact the high-end catering and winter continuation of the tide of mobile Internet: (1) and death group website group purchase discount, the transformation of a group, to find a godfather group, living one; (2) to a number of high-end restaurants, stripping group, take the popular one number of cases, the dismal; (3) financing a group takeaway website, take a number of route segments, hit a number of logistics, bustling; (4) a number of high-profile Internet catering brand, boasting a group of a group, is Tucao, as trassient as a fleeting cloud. Transit goods for the full year 2014 net food O2O events found out, the catering industry combined with the Internet will be prior to flow into the supply chain competition, line back-end services and the surrounding resources integration competition, catering to the development of O2O to a depth direction. This article lists 7 topics, talk to the annual event overview. At the end of 2014 with the food and beverage O2O big event detailed records for consultation.

1, public comment investment frequently or seek listing

2014, the public comment changed the old slow company image, since February 19th to accept Tencent strategic investment, in the next few months have been frequently shot investment hungry, big mouth, Shanghai, Shanghai, Ishikawa, Cai Zhi Long Dragon, is taking a number of vertical information platform and the integration of ERP manufacturers, Tencent Twitter Life membership card business, launched its own "public comment Twitter Life", in late November and announced a joint Tencent Wifi investment operators outside Mai Di, online and offline, behind the scenes have public comment active figure. Public comment frequently shot, on the one hand to build their own ecosystem, on the other hand is directed at IPO, including Zhang Tao’s public statement on a number of occasions, as well as foreign media broke the news. If the material is good, 2015 public comment will set foot on the land of the United states.

2, xiangeqing renamed behind the high-end catering transformation

by the end of 2012, the central issue of the provisions of the eight, since last year, the high-end dining by three consumption restriction policy, the state has been poor. Some local high-end food and beverage businesses have closed down, the national chain of food and beverage brands to take part of the shop pain. At the end of April, the world’s leading private equity and investment advisory company CVC announced the completion of the high-end catering brand South Beauty equity acquisition; May xiangeqing chairman Meng Kai said it will release food and beverage business, July xiangeqing Group officially renamed cloud branch network, cloud network announced 12 months to transfer its shares of subsidiaries and catering xiangeqing series at this point, xiangeqing catering brand, Quanjude in the last year completed the change of ownership; closed some stores and food price cut at the same time found that the grass root line is not suitable for Quanjude, is to duck products FMCG sales group and "dinner" transformation; a small transformation looks slightly better, since 2013 8 closed door the shop after the pain, also launched two new brand "South kodate" and "little Southland, the popular dining consumer groups in the effort to end Route, December United Nations

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