Taobao introduced new restrictions on the cheap drainage platform said no intention to kill shopping

August 14th news, Taobao today announced its new policy for third party drainage platform. The new deal shows that Taobao (not involving Tmall) will be more severe for 800 fold and three bustling bargains platform to take measures. This means that the micro-blog rumors that Taobao will to kill off 800, nine pieces of similar post, and other non normal trading platform that external news.

had news that Taobao and Tmall will be banned similar fold 800, nine mail, and other non normal trading platform, Taobao will use all of this year’s harsh measures to punish businesses.

new deal shows that Taobao will take the following measures:

, in addition to concern the presence of low-cost drainage phenomenon website (such as 800 fold, etc.) for other sellers feedback more and there are a lot of website platform investigation and U station low drainage phenomenon, sales this adjustment will also not included in the main search and display the sort, in order to ensure the relative fair search. Taobao is also looking forward to the changes in these sites.


screen display details header sales from "sold within 30 days of X" to "30 days, payment X, transaction X".

three, the sales volume for the seller doubt node adjustment, we will further demonstrate the scheme.

The new Taobao

display, the temporary is not included in the search site and U station include: VIP, Amoy goods, cattle group purchase nine pieces of mail, Amoy Amoy 800 concessions, pick up baby, Tesco, seckill, special offer special offer cats, rob cattle products, enjoy the special offer, boutique Street, poly fold, Amoy affordable, every day I love fashion etc.. (2) there are a large number of external low cost drainage site: Group 800, discount of 800, pocket shopping, etc..


deal also shows that sales will increase speculation punishment: crack down through the 88W network, and win-win alliance manager Wang shopkeeper, valley network, good reputation, reputation, Baili net 173 18 years, NNT interactive platform, the credibility of the more than and 200 La brush reputation specializing in speculation network station, YY channel and QQ group speculation, excluding related sales, and severely punish related businesses speculation.

Taobao stressed that this move is not directed at the third party shopping guide site, similar to the presence of a large number of cheap drainage site Juhuasuan, daily specials and other sites to guide traffic, is not included in the search. There is no intention to kill or ban any third party shopping guide website, especially more and more quality mode shopping guide site, Taobao, the seller, the buyer is very big help. Just hope that through this adjustment, to create a diversified platform for consumers. While also looking forward to the transformation of these sites is still willing to cooperate with them. (eight)

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