From the house on behalf of the wash to Ali moon cake event large companies to talk about the right

Abstract: "when the mask of the false unicorn is taken off, I believe that the company will not survive long enough to take advantage of human weaknesses and stimulate the dark side of human beings. Only the true value of entrepreneurs, in the end can become the most important contribution to our society entrepreneurs."

in the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of 4 programmers Ali because love program virtuoso, in the rush to war grab more than and 100 moon cake box of moon cakes, although honest they immediately report the matter to the relevant departments, but in 2 hours after a former employee. Netizens talk, this "rich dad" Ali, for a few boxes of moon cakes for you! Ali responded to, too. Ali seems that this is not a question of money, breaking the integrity and rules, this value is not ah.

Here the

large companies rely on the value of the rules "centesimate", side of the car startup company was the capital of winter rolled styled". Also, since that is called "the winter capital" invisible giants, some entrepreneurs will be in a constant state of anxiety. They think this monster is too strong, no storm, no positive enemy. But they have no enough Dan what’s even The weak overcame the strong. coup, the destruction of values. The nature is very clear, the move back to bite you, fall excuse.


The first one: the annihilation of the

values of speculation every year, this year is bold

We saw a lot of

entertainment speculation, but people to rise to the level of morality, for people who eat melon condemned at leisure. The business circle is not playing already, playing amazing, speculation will come to a big, all of a sudden the height pulled up to the legal level, such as the previous generation of a cipher wash house. It is a campus laundry service company, its CEO Guo Chaoyu said to boast without shame in a recent interview, the company in the early because no user and helpless, decisively adopted the "cut power line" to "force" users.

said in the interview, "4 days later, the team received only one order. He had a bad idea. One Thursday, he and his team chose a boy too many college dormitory, cut off all power line self-service washing machine. The ‘forced trial’ allows the platform to continue to increase the volume of orders, the impact of radiation to the surrounding 5 colleges and universities, one day received the highest number of orders of 1100 copies, the first monthly profit of $600 thousand".


said these words, Guo Chaoyu would be immensely proud. Or, he just wanted to create a team to "in the business dilemma difficult brilliant in" out of the quagmire, defying tough business image. But, he and his team forgot the phrase "justice".

see this article, the police said, "Public Security Management Punishment Law" forty-ninth: intentional damage to public and private finance, at more than 5 days and more than 10 days detention, may impose a fine of less than 500 yuan." The move surprised Guo Chaoyu, the next day

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