Members suggested that the push safety law by black web management responsibility

China Beijing municipal Party committee to a meeting of the eleven session of the CPPCC proposals that should make the "national security law" provisions of the Internet, the website was hacked by losses, managers for the domain name /IP server hosting, information is not true and cannot find the perpetrators also shall bear liability for compensation.

Beijing long Ying Technology Co., Ltd. director Bao Dong, according to incomplete statistics, in 2006 the number of Chinese websites were tampered with up to 25820. Many web site maintenance personnel technical level is not high, web pages are often tampered with hackers, linked to the yellow pages of the site, leading to the spread of virus and yellow information.

DPP Beijing Municipal Committee suggested that the relevant national Internet Security Act should be developed, the domain name /IP, server strict real name system management, and accountability for false information management

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