Chen Congling how to kill Baidu


group in MM throws a problem: how to get rid of Baidu – alone or in concert? Is a very challenging problem is very difficult. After all, Baidu is so strong, I have said that Google is not a rival, since all his trouble, and I was a non famous small station? If I know how to do Baidu, I open than cattle! What is open? Technical experts, although the management of the retarded, but still popular welcome. Well, nonsense not say


let me talk about my views:

first, if not the merger, joint is unlikely, because not reality. Now in China, ranked on the number of search engines in addition to Baidu, Google, Alibaba, YAHOO, Tencent search, search, search portal three. United, somebody has to take the lead in the lead, choose? If Baidu than Dong Zhuo, Google is the leader of Yuan Shao, he must be, in addition to Baidu, Google said that if the second, who dare to call the boss? But this Yuan Shaoben is a beautiful man, useless. All day do salon, PARTY, no (Yi Zhongtian), the coalition looks away from God, although YAHOO fiercely, still can not escape the fate of each checkmate. The coalition was failed, without him, cielon ear


play the abacus, how will the cohesion? Who can with Baidu Alibaba and its general under commander?! Baidu Dong Zhuo, Google Yuan Shao, the Alibaba who is? Liu Bei! Although lame, but there are still some similarities. Although Liu Bei has the weak hegemony the conditions, he has the heroes ambition, although this is not an ideal blueprint, he is a muscle – first out Cao Cao! (now Baidu into Cao Cao, 5555… I feel very confused, but Baidu in a lot of time on behalf of the strongest


Liu Bei kill Cao Cao? No! Liu Bei has the ability to kill Cao Cao?! so now I just talk about how Liu Bei kill Cao thief, not predict the development of the situation. Like Liu Bei, compared to Alibaba and Baidu, are small, now Baidu and Ali push on the challenge, I bet Ali lost. I have many odds bet! And like Liu Bei, Ali has very frightening ares Guan Yu (YAHOO), Zhang Fei (Taobao), Zhao Yun (ALI)


from Baidu to Ali attitude can see Ali’s future, Kai Fu led the Google Shangcuanxiatiao, Baidu is not what big movement, Liu Bei had sent Zhao Yun to the state of Wei, shouting: " the webmaster, Ali mother here! " Cao Cao immediately ordered: " dare to executed on the spot,! (" how much up the Ali Mama advertising will be Baidu drop right) then, in retaliation for Ali mother capitulate, also resorted to the mysterious warrior – Baidu C2C, to Ali’s strong city.

onslaughtThe general

arena kiom cloud, even had been privileged to witness his face too few. It is said that he very strong, some people say he is more brave than wise, anyway. His face is on the basis of one-sided viewpoint of ferocious, this bureau.

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