Cloning Baidu post bar NetEase staged staged Baidu imitation show

NetEase Youdao search for Baidu imitation more and more similar. Follow the Baidu post bar, the way NetEase yesterday launched a new search forum service products, Youdao fast paste beta.

as China’s largest online community Baidu post bar is Baidu’s core business, the NetEase launched a similar product is clearly looking forward to learn from the success of Baidu post bar model. Because it is the best way to gather popularity, increase the stickiness of the site, so NetEase launched a similar product is not surprising." Internet analyst Yang Yunqian told reporters.

from the current mode of development of NetEase’s point of view, it is taking a search for the Chinese boss Baidu’s imitation show". For example, following the end of last year, Baidu launched a ah shopping platform, NetEase Youdao shopping search followed closely in January this year, formally launched. And this time put forward a quick way to paste this Baidu post bar type of product, but also to show NetEase chairman Ding Lei for the full involvement of all areas of the search to determine.

analysts believe that the essence of NetEase search imitation show is the development of the field of search for low-cost development path. In fact, copy the mature model for NetEase risk minimization, and in successful models at the same time, a NetEase also has its own characteristics, for example, Youdao dictionary has become the industry leader NetEase ran into C2C shopping area is not completely copy the Baidu mode, and the mode of cooperation. In fact, NetEase is chasing the search market leader with the lowest price.

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