Suspected Taobao false trading new regulations outflow brush over 5 pens directly off the shop

[TechWeb] March 23rd news, today, a suspected Taobao false trading rules of the screenshot on the Internet outflow, screenshots show that Taobao will be issued a new regulation brush.


suspected Taobao false trading rules

The spread of the new regulations include

, if found businesses a single product in a single brush record, the items will be searched for a week if shielding; 2 single brush pen is directly delete the goods; more than 3 direct shielding businesses and stores; more than 5 brush pen if the circumstances are especially serious, sellers deliberately Taobao to avoid regulation of false transactions occurred or for others to provide false trading services, points 48 points, closed shop.

screenshot shows that the change of the rules will be publicized and notified on April 10, 2016, and will take effect on April 17, 2016.

TechWeb this to Ali insiders confirmation, as of press time, yet to respond to each other.

many users doubt this new rule is "false news", some netizens said, "a large number of sellers will feel wronged, peer competition exists." Some netizens joked, go to the former shop brush five single, I wish her business is booming, financial resources into the broad."

and the store said, Taobao to do "in order to respond to the CCTV, Taobao buyers also have a way to deal with the. After this period of time is the same."

this year, CCTV 315 party exposure Taobao platform brush single industry chain, reported that Taobao sellers deliberately circumvent the occurrence of false trading rules Taobao regulation, which spent $3 to be able to brush out a blue diamond.

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