Market capitalization of less than 1 billion 200 million per person to whom


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in the memory of Chinese Internet users, Renren is a meaningful company. Calculated according to age, the Internet is now the backbone of almost all the Internet have fought with the vice president, Qianxiang is responsible for Xu Zhaojun’s words: and you (Chen Yizhou) at the same time is Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Ma, Robin Li."

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and several of the above views, Chen Yizhou was in trouble, one-sided media bad mouthing let look no prospects for development. But you know, this has been a successful U.S. listed companies have more than 50 million active users on campus (CF figure is China in 2013 for a total of 26 million 480 thousand students), which is the most valuable asset for any company.

and the industry background is the integration of the Internet giant mergers and acquisitions, data show that in 2013, China’s broad sense of the Internet industry mergers and acquisitions occurred 317, an increase of 100.6%. The first half of 2014, the Tencent investment Jingdong and 58 city public comment, micro-blog, Sina, Ali injection China media, Youku, Hundsun and UC……

apparently Renren has a huge value in the wave of mergers and acquisitions in the student population, then who will become a potential buyer of Renren


can at least be sure that, after the sale of Renren, Chen Yizhou may have a brighter future. Three people in Hubei Chinese most famous Internet circles: Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi and Chen Yizhou are very good capital operation, Lei Jun is resourceful, through the investment to build the famous Lei Jun.

to Chen Yizhou’s ability to invest into leaving Kingsoft Lei Jun is not the future impossible.

had a beautiful

the latest news is vice president of strategic development of all company affairs Du Yue in the mail at Chen Yizhou said it is very negative, but a few days ago Chen Yizhou also another company’s executives and conflict, there is news that the two executives have to leave. Prior to this, everyone executives have been experiencing shocks. Previously, everyone’s CMO Jiang Zhiqiang, responsible for the wireless business vice president Wu Jiang has left, and everyone is responsible for what the game Sichuan last year announced on sick leave no longer below, even the news this month there will be several executives leave.

personnel turbulence behind, is everyone’s performance decline. All the company’s first quarter earnings report, the total net revenues of $24 million 900 thousand, compared with the same period last year fell 39.9%; net revenues of $12 million 200 thousand, compared with the same period last year fell 17.3%; net gaming revenues $12 million 700 thousand, compared with the same period last year fell 52.5%; gross profit was $8 million 700 thousand, down 65.2% over last year…… An embarrassing fact is that after the listing, in addition to the benefits of financial investment, there is no one quarter earnings.

just a few years ago, everyone looked fine.


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