The balance of treasure or the Commission disguised recognition business will not be suspended

launched less than 6 days, the user will break through the 1 million people, launched less than 9 days, the Commission criticized the name of its violation". Alibaba recently launched the balance of treasure, apparently enough to feed the appetite of consumers, pocketed the eye of the market.

21 this month, the Commission held a press briefing, the Commission spokesman stated publicly that the Alipay balance treasure business is part of the fund sales payment and settlement account not to the regulatory authorities for the record, has not submitted to the regulatory authorities of the bank supervision supervision agreement, in violation of the "Securities Investment Fund sales management approach" and "securities investment fund sales settlement funds management Interim Provisions" of the relevant provisions. Regulators have recently asked Alipay on the balance treasure business involved did not record the settlement fund sales account filing deadline supplement, overdue for the record, will be investigated according to the corresponding legal provisions of punishment.

Commission disguised recognition balance treasure

has only for funds to pay license for Alipay, commission of the "error correction", is in the "reminder" Alipay to perform "fund sales institutions" to complete the obligations. That is to say, the Commission also sell funds in disguise "definitely" Alipay’s behavior.

in the briefing, the spokesman also said that Alipay launched the balance of treasure and money market fund products, to provide more investment options for investors is to actively explore the market innovation. Regulators have been actively supporting the development of market innovation, institutional innovation and development of the market to provide protection and relaxed environment.

, whether it is filing a supplement, or the need to submit a banking supervision agreement, these are the details." The fund industry veteran told the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview, Alipay really step on the line "is the sales behavior of funds, while the Commission pointed out that the problem is the operation of the sales process, so the general direction, has been able to feel the" new attitude "new leadership"".

balance treasure business will not suspend

of the SFC’s sudden call, Alipay and Celestica fund quickly issued a statement.

Alipay said: we are very pleased to see that the Commission on the balance of treasure business certainly in innovation, but also on the Commission to actively support the market innovation and provide institutional guarantee and comfortable environment for the innovation and development of the market position is encouraged. We will complete the relevant requirements of the competent authorities within the prescribed time. Balance treasure business will not be suspended, and the interests of the balance of treasure users will be fully protected.

and Celestica aspects are prominently displayed on the page: the Commission supports financial innovation, the balance of treasure business will not suspend the words.

reporters call Alipay learned that Alipay has not been on the matter too tense, will commission in accordance with the requirements to complete the relevant data. And for the record and the bank