Domestic social networking sites continue to rise in space for the construction of the platform for

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "report" twenty-eighth Chinese Internet development in Beijing, according to the report data show that as of the end of June 2011 China total number of Internet users was 485 million, compared to the end of 2010 an increase of 27 million 700 thousand, an increase of 6.1%. Internet users growth slowed.

but another trend as the Internet now, SNS social user growth has stagnated, and even signs of decline. 2011 social networking site users in 2010 than in the 5 million 160 thousand reduction of 230 million, the utilization rate was only about 47.4%. Analysts believe that the development of SNS may be associated with the development of domestic social networking sites serious traces of imitation, lack of functional relevance. Even give users the impression of entertainment based, social use does not play.

platform is not inadequate application of user interest caused by lack of

from 2010 began to gradually cool the social networking site applications, user growth is slowing down, after entering in 2011, the situation worsened. As of June 2011, China’s social networking site user size of 230 million, compared with the end of 2010, a decrease of 5 million 160 thousand, a decline of 2.2%, the rate of use from the end of last year, down from 51.4% to 47.4%. China’s social networking site into a turning point.

China’s social networking sites, although the concept and form of imitation Facebook traces obvious, in terms of website functionality, business model, user habits, income channels, but there is a big difference. Chinese SNS in the early development by stealing food, etc. the game features quickly grab spaces for a large number of users, but did not like the Facebook evolved into a social platform, due to excessive reliance on entertainment applications, can not cause lasting appeal to users, so after several years after hot, users began to get tired, the use of low viscosity, serious loss.

in 2010 before and after the main SNS site through the open platform, combined with e-commerce and other ways to enhance the user experience while increasing the usability and stickiness of the site, but the effect is not ideal. First of all, SNS early entertainment strategy has shaped the user’s understanding of SNS, want to change the site’s functionality and positioning and user behavior is not easy. You can see that, although the main domestic SNS constantly enrich the site’s functionality, but did not play a significant role in promoting. Secondly, China’s SNS platform strategy lag, SNS platform for the development of the strategy to advance slowly, and did not fully open.

Internet commentator Xie Wen said, compared with the social networking site names tend to call web2.0. Although the domestic social networking site in imitation of Facebook mode, and did not adhere to the essence of learning Facebook success, there is a big gap in the platform, such as openness. It takes a lot of effort to do something, it’s not web2.0>

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