Second times to fight

and GF have seen during the National Day is a "struggle", now popular movies and TV series, is a very important significance for me is when talking to someone, not like a fool does not understand what people are saying. A 32 episode TV series I obviously is not willing to take, so when I jump forward + "struggle", the only feeling is more real.

last week is the second time to see the "struggle", and the last is different, because I found that when people talk about "struggle", I do not know, so many of the details, this time every second without skipping, seriously read 32 sets.

movie TV drama most afraid of condemnation, the actually own condemnation, originally thought that only the TV will also appear in the story, his real life, even more than the TV series also exaggerated, during the can’t help cry a few times.

read the "struggle", have their own sentiment:

1, only truly understand their needs, will be better to consider the needs of others;

2, for any man, love and career are indispensable, otherwise it will become a "lonely old man";

3, love a person, love her (his) merits, but also need to love her (his) shortcomings.

also let me look forward to the struggle 2:

1, hope that the cause of the protagonist Lu Tao do not look like an idiot can not find the north;

2, hope to be able to return to the south where Yuri Huang, the formation of a complementary family;

3, I hope the hero in the sequel to the real struggle, and no longer play.

at the same time, also hope to see the "struggle" when all the young friends, do not learn the cause of Lu Tao’s behavior, it is simply not realistic, others pay investment and realize their impossible dreams, that is not the struggle.

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