51 com mail to encourage employees emphasize not be jealous of competitors

February 6th afternoon message, according to the 51.com confirmed that the company’s chairman and CEO Pang Shengdong today in the name of management issued an internal e-mail, cheer for the staff to work in the new year. In the message, he encouraged everyone in the current difficulties in the face of difficulties, and since then had almost abandoned his career because of hacker attacks.

According to

51.com said, this is a letter entitled "all to be happy!" the internal mail, is headed by Pang Shengdong company executives in the new year to work for all the staff issued a letter of support letter, to encourage them to work hard.

Pang Shengdong also pointed out that the mail, in 2009 to continue to improve the quality of products and services, he gave the current products and services 51.com hit 50 points, hoping to be able to do 80-90 points in 2009. He also stressed that this year, don’t hate competitors, "the heart is invincible invincible".  

The following is the full text of the internal mail:

dear colleagues, happy New Year!

08 years have passed. 08 years of performance is not satisfactory, there are some bottlenecks in management. We believe that in addition to the macroeconomic environment and the impact of the competitive landscape, the main responsibility is still on our management team. And employees, but also with us to bear the pain of the development of the company. Problems arise, the key lies in whether our team can face the problem correctly, recognize the problem, and make effective adjustments in a timely manner.

has been in Shanghai for more than three years. The development of the company in recent years is relatively smooth, whether it is the growth of performance or investment and financing aspects. But after a few years of success, we will encounter a ridge, the ridge you go past, and become smooth, smooth after a few years, you will encounter hom. This is the law of the development of things. So, we meet today the ridge, but also the law, so, we comply with the law, summarize the experience and lessons, and determined to make timely adjustment, to step over it, will win a new development! Hard long march, the loss is great, but the Red Army really mature. I think 08 years of experience, can make our team more mature


here, reaffirm our constant goal is to make more people happy.

1) allow all users to come here, feel happy, feel the end of the mind, not because of your product design and service is not good, and complain, worry. (at this point, if the 100 points, we can only play the 50 points)

2) make the company’s employees happier. The staff here can receive in addition to a good salary and feeling of stability, but also participate in a small but great career: all together as a bee nest as their contribution, make millions or tens of millions of users for our products and happy. (on employee happiness, we can only play 70 points)

we hope that in the first half of 09, users can hit the score in the second half hit 90>

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