nternet boycott vulgar mailbox has been announced

Xinhuanet.com Tianjin

channel in January 17, the reporter learned from relevant departments, held a joint meeting of Tianjin city cultural construction and management office, City Traffic Management Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of culture, administrative management, Industrial and Commercial Bureau radio and Television Film Bureau, city press and Publication Bureau, Municipal Cultural market administrative law enforcement corps. Eight days before the Department, to carry out the deployment of special operations air regulation of the Internet vulgar a month in Tianjin city.

meeting the requirements of various departments to seriously implement the national remediation special action of wind Internet vulgar television and telephone conference, in strict accordance with the State Council Information Office, seven ministries, focus, pay close attention to the source, strict law enforcement, contrary to public morality, in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, affect the physical and mental health of teenagers vulgar information centralized regulation on the city’s website. Give full play to the role of industry associations to strengthen the network information service unit social responsibility. The city’s various news sites and major commercial sites should be the first to carry out self-examination, promote civilized, civilized implement. Explore the establishment of long-term mechanism to clean up vulgar information, so that the Internet has become an important position of the dissemination of advanced socialist culture.

the meeting stressed that all departments should implement from Scientific Outlook on Development, strengthen the construction of socialist culture, constructing a harmonious socialist society, to the party and the state, highly responsible attitude of future generations, to fully understand the Internet vulgar wind flood severity and harm, fully understand the importance and necessity of special rectification and take firm and effective measures to organize and carry out special operations, create a good network environment for the healthy growth of young people. According to the special action of wind in Tianjin City, the regulation of the Internet vulgar coordination group responsible person, this special action began to end in early February from early January, during the special action, the various departments to set up a unified Report Mailbox [email protected], encourage and accept public supervision, to ensure that the special action to achieve tangible results, to effectively curb the vulgar, purify the network the environment.

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