The strike against nternet pornography

has overseas study experience Xie Changsong, this year 32 years old. In 2004, he finished his study abroad and returned to China to do a translation in a foreign enterprise in Shanghai. Only a year, Xie Changsong feel less money to resign. Soon, Xie Changsong to establish a forum website love map Park, trying to use the Internet to make a lot of money pornography, the way to achieve the dream of wealth in a deformed way.

in order to avoid the inspection, Xie Changsong rented overseas servers, dissemination of pornographic pictures, and the development of about 200000 members, to members of the registration fee. Just a few months time, more than 40 thousand yuan easily into his account.

, however, had a dream come true, Xie Changsong and his girlfriend for alleged dissemination of pornographic information for profit crime and arrested.

it is understood that the 6 suspects in the case of the average age of less than 30 years old, some still in College students.

extends from the virtual world of cybercrime, with the development of new technologies in the Internet, in recent years, the trend of increasing and spreading. Some online criminal gangs organize online pornographic performances, pornographic movies, audio-visual information released not fit to be seen yellow, serious pollution of the network environment, disrupting the online order.

online pornography and other harmful information spread, to the masses, especially young people seriously harm.

is reported that China’s more than 100 million Internet users, minors under the age of more than 20 million people under the age of 18. Some teenagers because of long-term indulge in online pornographic information, some do not read the book, there is not a school, an innocent youth, some even in the final inextricably bogged down in, walk on the path of crime.

clean " online pornography, " save the children! "From many families with deep hatred and resentment appeal, caused a strong resonance of the society.

in January 22nd this year, the Ministry of public security, the Central Propaganda Department and other 13 ministries, from January 2008 to October in the country to continue to carry out according to law regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action. Comprehensive management of the people’s strong problems, and create a healthy and harmonious network environment.

special action, the relevant departments of public security organs to increase the intensity of rectification efforts, and actively explore new ways of Internet management. Beijing City, a special office organization Baidu, Google, YAHOO, Sogou, search, Youdao, Qihoo and other units to carry out the search engine focused on cleaning up the rectification action, the search engine service providers within a week of "shielding harmful information 154 million, 700 more than the removal of harmful information links, delete pornographic pictures of more than 153 pieces, clean up snapshot more than 470 pages, effectively curb the spread of harmful information in large range.

according to the Ministry of public security of the person in charge, according to the national regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action has achieved remarkable results, as of now found within the online cleaning all kinds of illegal and harmful information to more than 240, to close illegal websites and online information services two >

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