The daily topic everyone return to campus in the era of mobile social networking bopo odds geometry

A5 ( station network December 6th news, once in can campus popular in the mobile social era to regain youth? The old social networking websites have missed the best time of change, but the new version of the mobile client just launched, the company at the helm, Chen Yizhou does not want to give up.

2011, everyone with the Chinese version of the concept of Facebook landing NYSE, listing the first day of the market value of up to $about 7000000000. Everyone in the package listed assets, Chen Yizhou has been in the video, social networking, games, group purchase and intelligent business social field has a completely different layout, in addition to video object, the other four major business lines are analogous to: analogy object is Facebook; all the game corresponds to the Zynga network group purchase website glutinous rice to imitate the United States Groupon the reference; graticule is the famous American business social network Linkedin. However, the diversification of the layout has been criticised as "a hodgepodge", the outside world can not see the complementary and synergistic effect of each line of business. More importantly, with the rise of micro-blog and WeChat, everyone is facing a series of challenges: the first is the loss of the master the number of active users and user stickiness decline, new users and old users, micro-blog and WeChat.

"I’m worried, but not afraid." In the face of today’s mobile social battle, Chen Yizhou said. This was Zhou Hongyi ‘latest play the most intelligent people in Hubei is: from the mass market for white-collar workers and students return home — focusing on 90 young student market, half ticket to snatch the mobile Internet "". For Chen Yizhou, the campus is the foundation of all but the last line, this should be a last ditch, crossed this Kaner, a bright future, not the last step, everyone could become a stumble on the road "happy net". Back on campus, which is related to Chen Yizhou’s campus complex. Want to participate in the war of the mobile social learning from everyone, and if easecredit positive approach, fear will only like two as "small talk", this urge everybody to make a detour, from their most familiar campus market starting again.

and Chen Yizhou last year to develop a variety of mobile terminal applications is different, this time he will only focus on a mobile APP. Everyone has just released a new version of the mobile client, and 90 as the core of the future of all users. In fact, this group of people is precisely the most mobile features. "We just want to do a good job in the mobile terminal is enough, do not need to do too much APP. If I put everyone to do 100 million months of active users, only to do more than 50 million months of active users, plus a bunch of other small APP value much larger. When the number of client users doubled, due to the reasons for the network effect, competition barriers will increase 3~4 times."

now in the field of mobile Internet IM, miss the opportunity for everyone to face

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