False information has become an important reason for the failure of domain name transactions

according to the data show that in 2009 the domain name transaction in the new high, compared with an increase of 5% in 2008, trading volume of up to 38727 pen. The domain name acquisition lack of Google, Microsoft such big names, such as Google G.cn, Microsoft search brand BING bing.com.cn, independent Alibaba 1688.com, Baidu qiyi.com are spending huge sums of money from the original domain name holder purchased.

latest data show that by the end of 200, the world’s top domain name registration volume of more than 192 million, an increase of 15 million, and with the rise in the domain name registration, the quality of the domain name has become a scarce resource.

, however, a lot of false information has become a domain name killer." .com domain name registration false information as high as 76%, due to the false registration information, frequent domain name transactions can not find people, can not live, the situation, and ultimately lead to the transaction can not be completed.

it is understood that the authenticity and importance of domain name registration information has been officially recognized. Not long ago, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released "on a registered domain name information check work notice" provisions, "domain name registration information as the domain name rights, the right to change the information transfer certificate, is the domain name holder and the important basis for the protection of legitimate rights and interests of the premise". People in the industry generally agree with the domain name registration information as the core of the real name real name system, that the move to regulate the domain name transactions, management and use, and promote the healthy development of the Internet industry has an important role in promoting.

registration information false domain name was canceled

because the registration information is not true, given to those phishing sites and ICANN an opportunity to strengthen research on the registration accuracy of information policy, and reiterated the policy: the registration information is not real, the domain will be canceled; refuses to provide information, domain name registrars have temporarily return. It is understood that the domain name registration information, including domain name, registration time, expiration date, holder contact information, technical contact information, contact information, etc.. Whether it is the world intellectual property organization, or arbitration institutions, the registration information will be accepted as an important basis for the admissibility of the domain name dispute resolution. According to the provisions of ICANN, if the holder refuses to update registration information or provide false registration information, the Registrar may cancel the domain name; while giving a certain grace period, the domain name registrar during the temporary return of all, update the registration information until the registered person. Insiders call for domain name holders to actively contact with the Registrar, update the registration information.

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