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to do a website is difficult, make a blog is a super simple things, so more and more blog, gradually it has become part of our network life. So there are a lot of friends in the thinking, how to use blog to earn extra money?

today, Wang Tonglai and share some experience:

1, blog to marketing your business:

I have always liked this sentence: to help others is to help themselves!

so I like to write some of their own experience and share some of my friends, users can get some things from my experience, may help users in the process of Network Entrepreneurship detours. At the same time, it is also very good for me to carry out a smooth and silent advertising.

as long as you are providing services, you can help yourself through the blog marketing. Such as lawyers, trainers, hypnotist, designers, writers, occupation planning, technology, master Feng Shui and so on…… .

is the first way to make money: selling services.

look at what you are good at, and then share some of your experience, you may be able to see your blog, you are willing to pay for the provision of relevant services.

2, with a blog to sell other people’s products to get commission

to make money in second ways: selling products

sell products are divided into two kinds: the first is to sell their products, the other is to sell the product to get the Commission of the second.

to sell their products is obviously not realistic for the majority of readers, so we can choose second.

you will be able to see the film, you will also read it, and certainly will use some daily necessities, etc.. If you use your own good, you can write some use feelings and recommendations. Then add a link to the sale of the product on the blog, and then bring sales after you

can get commission.

specific how to operate it?

Joyo Alliance:

Dangdang Alliance:

registration, select the most suitable for your recommended products, and then specifically for the production of advertising links. Remember, the default link conversion rate is very low, it is best to match your blog content custom ad code (


of course, some of the other advertising alliance also provides more cooperation in the promotion of this sales business alliance, such as:

easy to start Alliance:

When adding

references this information, you can fill in 43897

this operation can be >

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