Soft marketing four magic weapon

soft is a business strategy of the enterprise, with soft advertising penetration into the minds of consumers. Essence is through the concept of product requirements and analysis of the problem, with the form of text to allow consumers to accept certain concepts and ideas, from the psychological guidance to consumers. The marketing is through the concept of specific demands, understand the concept of enterprise set with news, interviews, reviews, stories, case description text to consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing products. Marketing is not a single, usually, marketing will cooperate with micro-blog WeChat marketing, blog marketing, marketing, forum marketing launch, this combination of marketing, enhanced the effect of soft marketing, promotion and sales of products impression.

wins eyeball "title party" – soft Wen Title

now the era of fast food culture, everything is fast and convenient. If the Internet to find things only slowly in the Internet, like it would be a waste of time, look for a needle in the ocean, delayed work. So, now everyone will use the Internet search engine, in the search box input you want to find something, there will be a lot of you are looking for a web link, but this time in order to save time and convenient, always standing in the front of the users to browse the most, it is the highest click rate.

so, how can you make your web page in front of the key words is very important! And a soft text in the most important keywords is not in the content, but in the title!

now although some people read the article not satisfied and spurned the title of the party, but that is only an individual phenomenon. The author of the "title party" is just a very important part of success, simply to earn a click through rate without credibility. However, if a real good soft, with a wonderful eye-catching title, it is absolutely a successful soft wen.

in the end what is the title title is actually the theme of the article, the topic is summed up in a sentence is the title. Seemingly simple words, but to contain the key points of the whole article, is the essence of the content of the article, not only to express the content, but also to avoid vulgar.

a good title of the article, not only can facilitate the search engine priority search, easy to remember. The title of the article is from the word, of course, the less the better, the less the number of words, the more convenient memory, and the user in the search engine search habits used to enter a few keywords to retrieve their own content. However, the number of words, the content can not be less, here is not the content of the product name, content, but the key words.

such as "soft writing skills", from the subject point of view, whether it is "soft", "writing", "skills", "writing", "writing" is an independent search keyword; which keywords both in search engines, are likely to search for this article, but with this keyword articles in particular, plus some search engine PPC, so it is difficult to rely on the former.


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