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, Qiazhiyisuan, I do Taobao age has been 5 years, 5 years of age bidding documents, but the 5 years witnessed the Taobao

growth and growth, anything, once bigger, he will set a lot of rules to classify the level of participants. 5 years ago, Taobao not now so ostentatious, no Wang Pu, no train, Taobao mall these things. It is the new Taobao service is actually Taobao seller is divided into several grades, the grade is behind who will burn in Taobao, whose business was better than absolute which do not burn a lot.

can be said that this is a national Taobao era, Taobao is no longer just a young man’s world, aunt, uncle, after the new generation of 00 have come to participate in the Taobao want to share a cup of soup.

In fact, like Taobao and

do business entities is, sell themselves in the past, with a good product, no one knows, or nothing. Only the flow of people, no matter what kind of business is to make money, give a real example in Changsha Huang Xing in the pedestrian street that sells squid series, one day to sell thousands of root squid series, a 2 yuan, count, his daily income already more than us who do not dare to imagine Taobao earn million yuan. This is the flow of profits. Similarly, in the same stream of people, the business is better than the quality of service and store environment. A good shop decoration, taste good squid shop, the shop next to him than the poor decoration to a lot. For the time being called face engineering profits

Taobao through train, is such a huge flow of products. Taobao shop is such a face job profits, as long as you are willing to burn, you are not afraid of no flow. Shop is not good.


most sellers are we can not afford to burn small sellers, today saw a lot of 90 quit school and give up work to do to Taobao, will make a success in Taobao’s determination. I feel very sad. You know today is no longer such as Taobao Taobao in the past so good to do, a lot of Taobao business influx, plus some time ago Taobao baby search rules changes, we have these small sellers Taobao covered all over with cuts and bruises. We need to unite small and medium Taobao sellers.

is the time, I think I should for those of us with far up what to do, but after thinking a few nights, I decided to build a website as these Taobao small sellers haven, we can free promotion here we can find similar shops, shops Links. Can arrive at more Taobao template, Taobao software, Taobao tutorials. After a week of hard work, my 518 Taobao ( finally formed.

is a long way to go, in order to realize our dream, to work together with the Taobao Er, to create a better tomorrow.

another, build >

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