Guo Jingming and Han Han of the network era never ever meet again

when an idea has been copied and abused, I can’t sit still.

– Preface



Guo Jingming and Han Han, small time and two 80 writers and never ever meet again, two bad movie, why now concern, even to look forward to? I’ll say a Never mind seems to matter, in Africa, people holding almost all over the soil a the dregs of the black key mobile phone, but where the mobile payment can gain popularity maximization, to pay the highest rate of popularity of global mobile. I always feel that they are doing the full use of resources that Africans do not have too much garbage manufacturing.

in Chinese, intelligent mobile phone, micro-blog and WeChat, of course there are more numerous APP gadgets, and Chinese every day in the production of a large number of naturally or half unconsciously dross and trash information. This rapid production of garbage information network tools, like a sword, minutes to kill all. Ma Yun said he is Feng Qingyang like character, just like Guo Jingming said, small time Han Han said general Yue Buqun was never ever meet again, and have a total upright gentlemen, Linghu Chong out of mischief about the job. So I can’t sit still.

– background


" is because attention never ever meet again Pu Shu song "ordinary road", at noon today in a small restaurant to eat fried pepper Double cooked pork slices can also hear this song, a little surprised. In the past, Pu Shu’s "Shengruxiahua" just launched the China also sing the high streets and back lanes if my memory does not lie, and then a lot of barber shops, clothing stores are almost in the playback of the song, Pu Shu shows the general feeling. A little bit earlier, Pu Shu’s "Birch" is estimated to Guo Jingming and Han Han the two kid songs of love. This summer, fortunately, there are trees, let us see the green, but also to see a little hope. Otherwise, in the fully commercialized reinforced concrete, in the hot sun, everyone’s soul is likely to be dried.

do not know micro-blog often play friends have not noticed, micro-blog now often appear some even kick up a cloud of dust content neither painful nor itching, people all know that this is a topic on the network hype up operation team. Looked very helpless, no smile. Why does this happen? I’m talking about Lu Ruoqing.

before I wrote an article "see the people coming from the hype" Lu Reqing analyzed, which users involved in spontaneous network events at that time, my conclusion is that "everyone involved in speculation, in fact, speculation does not exist." Now, my idea is naive, that can be "pretend to be cool" form, that is "everyone" can be started. A person holding a dog, you can go shopping very leisurely and carefree, but in 100 people into 10 dogs, it is really the red flag fluttering, >

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